A portfolio is a must have for any aspiring model. The best portfolios showcase a model’s strengths, versatility and range. It is an essential tool for models to use when seeking representation and work. A strong portfolio can make all the difference when it comes to getting booked for jobs and building a successful modelling career.

I have worked with lots of up-and-coming models to build out their portfolio across a range of genres. Here are some key elements to include in a model portfolio:

    1. Headshots: The very first photo in your portfolio should be a professional headshot. Your headshot is used to show your facial features, expressions and overall look. These shots should be clean, simple and well-lit, and should showcase you naturally.
    2. Body shots: Next up you will need to show full body length photos, that showcase your figure, posture and overall body shape. These shots should be taken in a variety of poses, and should show your range of movement and flexibility. These can often incorporate some of the next items on this list.
    3. Lifestyle shots: Photographs that show you in a real-life setting, and are used to showcase your modelling versatility and ability to connect with the camera. These shots can be taken in a variety of settings and should show the model in a natural and relatable way.
    4. Fashion shots: that showcase you wearing either high-end fashion and designer clothing or unique looks that might not be expensive, but show your style and how you can show off the products (clothes). These shots should be taken in a professional studio setting and should show a variety of poses, highlighting the clothing and accessories.
    5. Beauty shots: Beauty shots are photographs that showcase the model’s makeup and hairstyle, for men this could also include artistic expressions and creative pieces of work.
    6. Action shots: Action shots are photographs that capture motion, and are used to showcase the your energy and movement. These shots can be taken in a variety of settings, such as on the runway, on a sports field, or dancing.

Your portfolio is often the first thing that anyone will see before considering booking you. Don’t go overboard and pack lots and lots of images into your portfolio, no one will want to sit there and look at 40 photos of one model. Put together a tight portfolio of your best photos that cover the items above, have a critical eye and don’t be afraid to swap some out if you get a better one later on.

Reach out today, I’d love to help you plan your portfolio shots.